Saturday, April 27, 2013

What Will History Say About You?

Each week, in our little cottage school, teachers present our students a picture of Jesus Christ's redemptive work through the stories of people and events in what we call history. There is no doubt that, as is the case in every subject, the teacher benefits the most from the preparation. Last week it was turn to teach, and my privilege to be transformed through the process.

My assignment was the presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson and his plans for a Great Society. These plans of LBJ's directly impacted the community in which my grandparents served the Lord for sixty years. It was my joy to compare and contrast the lives of LBJ and my grandfather, Rev. Marshall Andrew Williams for my own children, a few of my nieces and my nephews, and my students. The children participated in the presentation by sharing the memories of their own grandfathers or older men who have had an impact on their lives.

Several of our faithful moms were working in the nursery and with the preschoolers during the history class. They asked me to compile the notes for them to read. I have added the students comments and some of my own notes to the slide show, converted it into a video and posted it below. You will have to use your pause button to slow down the slides if you want to read all the text. Hopefully, by watching this, you will also be challenged to consider the story history books will tell of your own life.

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