Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Name Changes Everything

I’m not a nature person.

Oh, don’t misunderstand – I love being outdoors. The grandeur of the vistas overlooking the purple mountain majesties call my soul to sing. The mystery of the fog slowly lifting off the Montreal River on a cold Canadian morning fills me with joyful expectancy of new mercies. The splendor of sunset giving way to starlight in the gentle Lake Michigan breeze evokes humble gratitude for a Sovereign who never sleeps. Creation: Ever drawing the eyes of my heart toward its Source.

But nature? That’s the stuff of zoology, biology, and botany. Identification and classification. The stuff called science and filled with Latin words I can never remember. Nature. Just the word calls to mind failed gardening attempts and indoor plants killed by nourishment neglect.

However, good homeschoolers study nature don’t they? God made it didn’t He? So, loaded with the “how-to” books, I committed to nature studies this year. Preschoolers must, of course, invest in nature studies. So, I’ve dutifully planned an entire section.

But God (my favorite words in all of Scripture) providentially intervened. Martin Cothran’s consideration of the differences between the words nature and creation transformed my perspective. Doesn’t a name make all the difference?

Call it “Creation Studies” and duty is swallowed up in delight. Every aspect of creation’s every part (not just the big stuff) reveals the invisible attributes of my glorious Creator. Creation studies result in wonder. What will we see when all of creation is released from this bondage to decay? There is so much redemptive beauty already evident!

Seeds die to bring life.

 Thorns blossom.

Backyard swamps burst with beautiful color.

Oh I can’t wait till tomorrow when I get to gather my little band of beauty hunters and join all creation in praising the King of Kings!

Let heaven and earth praise him,
the seas and everything that moves in them.
Ps 69:34 ESV


  1. Yes, good luck on the new task.

    Walt Hearn, a biochemistry professor.
    Recently I found Walt's writing SCIENTIST'S PSALM

    SCIENTIST'S PSALM -- by Walter Hearn, Ph. D.

    Praise the Lord, created thing!
    Let all space with praises ring!
    Space itself, Hosanna sing
    Unto God, Jehovah, King!

    I Particles in smallest cracks,
    Known but by emulsion tracks:
    Let all mesons praise Messiah!
    Songs of praise mount ever higher!

    Alpha, beta, gamma rays:
    Join the chorus of His praise!
    Be you ultimate or not,
    All created, all begot.

    Parity's been overthrown--
    Something He had always known,
    Antimatter, fragments odd,
    Quantum jumps to praise our God.

    II Now from unexplored domains
    Up to where the atom reigns;
    Forged from state once hyperdense,
    Praise your Maker, elements!

    Atoms of increasing mass,
    Nuclei from solar gas,
    Orbital electrons twinning:
    Praise the God who set you spinning!

    Rare-earth metal, halogen,
    Amorphous glass or crystalline,
    Solid, liquid, vapor phase:
    Join in everlasting praise!

    III Molecules from atoms made
    According to plans He laid:
    Praise the God of Angstrom units!
    God of Abraham -- and Kunitz!

    Carbon compounds by the score,
    Hundreds, thousands, millions more;
    Helical configuration
    Structured into God's creation.

    Proteins now and DNA,
    Intertwining overlay;
    Prototype of living cell:
    Praise the God of Israel!

    IV Viruses and protozoa:
    Praise the faithful God of Noah!
    Coral on the ocean shelf:
    Praise the God of life itself!

    Mildew, mosses, redwood trees,
    Birds in air and fish in seas.
    Crawling cockroach, roaring lion!
    Praise Jehovah, God of Zion!

    Now with man, a new dimension--
    Culture, science and invention;
    Man who can subdue the earth:
    Praise the God who gave you birth!

    V Earth we live on, merely one
    Planet of a minor sun:
    Join this entire galaxy,
    Showing forth His majesty!

    Beyond our own galactic rim,
    Billions more are praising Him.
    Ten to some gigantic power
    Times the height of Babel's tower.

    Past the range of telescope:
    God of Faith and Love and Hope.
    Praise Him every tongue and race!
    Even those in outer space!
    Selah (~Think about that!)

    However far space does extend
    From beginning unto end,
    Praise the God who does transcend!
    Every knee before Him bend!

    God of whom these words are penned:
    Against You only have we sinned.
    Almighty Author of creation:
    Visit us with Your salvation

  2. SCIENTIST'S PSALM -- by Walter Hearn, Ph. D.

    That is awesome!!!

  3. I want to do Creation Studies! Only had to do science before. And that Scientist Psalm - Up in the school room I think!
    Thanks, and enjoy your exploring.

  4. therusceakfamily@gmail.comOctober 2, 2009 at 3:11 PM

    Yes! The Name does change everything!
    Nature Studies or Creation Studies --
    "But God...providentially intervened".

    Power went out.